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If you are a firm’s principal or a sole practitioner I would like to help you dedicate your time to what you enjoy the most: scaling your business, expanding your client’s list, implementing new workflows, or just enjoying extra time on a personal level.

Nuhad Kassab

I’m Nuhad Kassab

Strong Entrepreneurship Architectural Designer – BIM Specialist, with a demonstrated history of 8 years working in the AEC industry, both in NYC and Bs. As. important architecture firms. My career in large architecture firms prompted me to offer remote architectural services implementing BIM methodology. My services are aimed at architects who are interested in outsourcing their projects and are looking for an asset outside of their office. I look for clients with whom I can build relationships of trust and understanding, which I discover is the key to the project’s success.

Traveling is part of who I am, it defines me and makes me grow. Consequently, by traveling I discovered the transcendental importance of taking care of the world we live in. We are part of something bigger. It’s our responsibility to take care of it so we can enjoy the beauty of this amazing planet.

Nuhad Studio expert’s team

Agustín Regibaud


BIM Modeler

Joshua Villarreal graduated as an architect from Mendoza University, and he’s worked on architectural projects by implementing BIM methodology for more than five years. His areas of expertise are architectural modeling and MEP system projects. He looks for developing models that can be built and contain a detail level of LOD 350 or higher.

Additionally, Joshua has studies in acoustics, lighting engineering, urban planning, bioarchitecture, and tiny houses. When working on the projects, he mainly aims to model an efficient building for the final users but also taking care of the details architects and engineers need to work on it.


3D Artist Specialist

Federico Oliva has graduated as an architect in Buenos Aires University. For the past 10 years he has been producing architectural renderings. He considers his artistic photorealistic images have to transmit a quality spatial sensation. Part of his workflow is to analyze each space and create unique atmospheres. He explodes to the maximum the image sensibility and percibes with acquareness the designed spaces.

At the same time, he has vast experience with corporativa architecture, public spaces and furniture design. He wants to help through his profession and give answers to human needs, improving habitable conditions along with the building relationship with its natural environment through the responsible use of technologies and materials.

Federico Oliva
Agustín Regibaud

Communication specialist

Agustín Regibaud has studied Social Communication at Buenos Aires University (UBA). He has been trained by industry leaders as a copywriter and content writer, both in Spanish and English,

He’s an observer. He listens before giving an opinion. He’s passionate about literature and films. He has a special interest and knowledge of sustainable architecture and urbanism.

Ever since 2017, he has lived in different countries and traveled through many more. He enjoys socializing with local people and getting to know their stories. This allows him to gain an understanding of the way they live, their culture, and share wonderful moments. The experiences gained by his travels are an inexhaustible source of ideas and novel angles that he reflects in each project.

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It is with great pleasure that I am recommending Nuhad Kassab. At our first meeting, I described the job requirements emphasizing the high degree of quality that we were requiring. She did not let herself get discouraged; instead, she asked direct, intelligent questions and accepted any challenge. I always appreciated her talent, ability to stay focused, and meet deadlines, as well as her goal-driven dedication to her work.

Walter Marin

Marin Architects, NYC, USA

I needed assistance with drafting and design services (Revit). I simply was dealing with more work than I could handle on my own. Nuhad has the ability to take on additional work and to maintain high project volumes. Her services have allowed a better balance to work/life. I really like the attention to detail Nuhad has and great communication. She is able to use her judgment, complete the task, and ask relevant questions about the project. I would easily recommend her.

Robert Carpenter

Seven Designs Inc, Alberta, Canada

I have been working with Nuhad in multiple highly complex architectural projects for the last three years. She has always demonstrated an enormous technical BIM knowledge and vast experience in the execution of construction documentation. Additionally, she has great capacity and disposition to solve multiple difficulties that arise in day-to-day work life. 

Luis Pedro García

Architect - PMP Certified, Uruguay

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