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Potentiate your firm, incorporate design strategies and obtain a green building LEED certification

If you are an AEC professional who wishes to improve your project’s life cycle in terms of design, drafting, visualization, or wanting to incorporate and develop BIM, this is the right place for you!

If you are an AEC professional who wishes to develop your career in a more sustainable way and also become conscious of the environmental impact of our buildings, we can help you!

You will optimize your workflows by applying efficient methodologies, and so forth, you will free your time to focus on other aspects of your business & life that need your attention.

Nuhad Studio’s Potentialities

NuhadStudio Goal

Reach your goals and
scale your business.

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Potentiate the service
offered to your clients.

NuhadStudio BIM

Incorporate BIM to your projects
and leave the CAD era behind.

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Stop being affected
with project load fluctuations.

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Minimize risk while maintaining
your quality standards.

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Forget about
deadline stress.

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We are a proactive team that likes to work with autonomy. Before starting a project, we make sure to have all the required information. We have developed a workflow to assist you with project management so projects flow naturally. Communication is important, through a Project Report we make sure you know the project state. Our main priority is that you have the tranquility and certainty that the project will be developed as per our arrangement and that the result will meet your expectations without any setbacks or surprises.

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BIM & Sustainability

When we talk about sustainability we are talking about the present and future. Global warming is happening, as professionals of the AEC industry, we can assume an active role and commit to plan and build with a low environmental impact.

Carbon footprint

On the other side, BIM Methodology is transforming the industry. If BIM is incorporated into a project’s life cycle it makes the entire workflow more efficient. Additionally, within the 3D model, the whole project’s information is stored, improving collaboration between consultants and helping to prevent errors. Beyond that, energy efficiency analysis and simulations can be done from an early design stage reducing costs and assuring compliance with the energy code.

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It is with great pleasure that I am recommending Nuhad Kassab. At our first meeting, I described the job requirements emphasizing the high degree of quality that we were requiring. She did not let herself get discouraged; instead, she asked direct, intelligent questions and accepted any challenge. I always appreciated her talent, ability to stay focused, and meet deadlines, as well as her goal-driven dedication to her work.

Walter Marin,

Marin Architects NYC